Sandy Springs Bail Bonds Problems in Fulton County

Bail bonds are needed when someone gets put in jail and has other responsibilities to fulfill like going to school, showing up for work, and caring for their dependents and in Sandy Springs, Georgia this can be easier said than done. Fulton County makes everything very difficult when it comes to getting someone out of jail. Crime has been on the rise lately and the Sheriff’s office, in conjunction with the local Sandy Springs / Johns Creek Police Department, has been cracking down on even the smallest of legal infractions. What’s important to note, though, is that the increase in crime leads to an increase in the demand for Sandy Springs/Fulton County bail bonds. Likewise, an increase in Johns Creek crimes leads to an increase in the demand for Johns Creek bail bonds to be written. However, Fulton County limits the number of bonding agencies who can legally write bonds on behalf of those in jail.

So, an important thing to think about is what the intention is when limiting the number of services available to those who are put behind bars. In some cases, these people are completely innocent. In other cases, they DID in fact commit a crime, but they have other responsibilities that they need to tend to. Perhaps they are an only parent and their children have no one to look after them when they get home from school. Perhaps the accused is a student with a learning disorder which has caused them to be on academic probation. Whatever the case, I’m sure you can agree with me that the need for a lift on the regulatory practices of Sandy Springs/Fulton County bail bonds needs to be thoroughly explored and if deemed plausible, followed through with.

Johns Creek Bail Bonds Are a Problem as Well in Fulton County, Georgia

I know what you’re thinking. You are probably thinking, “I have never committed a crime because I have responsibilities.” Well that may be the truth. However, other people don’t think as logically as you or I. They commit crimes, sometimes out of necessity, without the preemptive notion of getting caught. These people haven’t thought about ‘worse case scenarios.’ They think that they won’t get caught by the police, let alone get arrested, and plan on fulfilling their responsibilities. The stinker of it all is that these people’s crimes are typically non-violent and are, in a way, victim-less. Now, I’m all for locking up someone that has caused someone else harm. But, why do we have to cause harm to the people they are in charge of looking after? That, to me, doesn’t make too much sense. Sandy Springs isn’t the only area where I see this as being a problem. It also is rampant in Johns Creek, Georgia as well.

Fulton County bail bonds in Johns Creek have the same sort of stipulations and limits as other cities in the county. There can only be so many bonding agencies and agents who can get people out of jail. So, what happens when all of these bail bonds companies have maxed out their credit limit with financial institutions and there are several more people still stuck in jail who can’t look after the ones they are responsible for? Are they just out of luck?

Here’s what I suggest, besides lifting the governmental regulations. I think that Fulton County officials should include a person’s extenuating circumstances in regards to their responsibilities during the intake process. Sure, arrest them and give them a court date, but if it is at all plausible to let this person go, just let them go home. I see so many people suffering in Fulton County jail and it doesn’t seem fair. Am I the only one on this?